The Winter Welcome Edition,
a special issue of the Bavarian News,
became to March 24, 2010 publishes.

The Welcome to Bavaria issue differs from the usual newspaper as its target readership will be newcomers to Germany, in particular the thousands of new Soldiers and family members arriving soon at U.S. Army Garrison Grafenwoehr in 2010. Each Soldier will receive this Welcome issue when in-processing immediately after their arrival!

It will give them insight into life in Bavaria, and provide important information and news on travel, culture, housing, shopping, tax relief, driving in Germany, medical care, job opportunties (for their family members), and much more! This will be the most important guide a newcomer can have!

The distribution of this special issue will be 10,000 copies, and the U.S. Army takes responsibility for the personal distribution of all copies of this special issue.

As these soldiers and families are extremely interested in reading as much about their new homes as possible, this Welcome to Bavaria issue is the perfect place to advertise. Newcomers will see your important advertisment first!